Watershed Evaluation Tool

About the Watershed Evaluation Tool

The watershed assessment tools included on this site were developed in a effort to provide a simple “calculator-type” tools that would enable users to estimate potential impacts of urbanization on water quality within any given watershed in Pennsylvania and then expanded to include the entire Chesapeake Bay Basin. Algorithms utilized within this tool were based upon statistical regressions developed using data sets currently available at Penn State University, including statewide “impervious surface area (ISA)” maps developed by Dr. Toby Carlson and water quality data compiled by Dr. Barry M. Evans. In addition to predicting what nutrient and sediment loads might be under various land use/cover conditions within a watershed, this tool also provides qualitative information on the degree of “impaction” experienced in the watershed based on threshold values for sediment and nutrient loads derived by Penn State and others in previous studies. In addition to the water quality tool, another module has been included to estimate surface runoff volume and peak runoff for a selected watershed. Follow the links below to learn more about these tools.

Watershed Evaluation documentation
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